21st May 2018

Starting Off in the hall – Your options?

Starting in the hall……   Norfolk Stairlifts will always recommend the most suitable starting point for a curved stairlift.  There are various options usually narrowed down […]
10th May 2018

Choosing the correct stairlift rail to suit your home

Norfolk Stairlifts have recently installed a Handicare Xclusive Stairlift in Hingham, Norfolk. Norfolk Stairlifts are not tied to any one manufacturer.  This gives a number of […]
10th May 2018

Norfolk Stairlifts keeping up to date with all that’s new at the 2018 Handicare Trade Day

Training and product updates are important in any industry.  Some of the team from Norfolk Stairlifts have recently attended the Handicare Stairlifts Partner Day.   The […]
1st March 2018

Pets in charge of Norfolk Stairlifts!

  This cat would not let our Norfolk Stairlifts Engineer leave the house until the stairlift was working properly! Norfolk Stairlifts prides itself on looking after […]
21st November 2017

Mobility Scooter Servicing

Just like your car, an important aspect of keeping your scooter running well for many years is keeping it regularly serviced. Servicing gives us the opportunity […]
20th November 2017

Looking after your tyres

 The condition of your tyres will have a huge impact on both the performance and the condition of your scooter. There are three main types of […]
6th October 2017

How to charge a mobility scooter

Most scooters on the market today use lead acid batteries as their power source. These batteries are quite unlike the 12v batteries that you see in […]
6th October 2017

Can I store my mobility scooter outside?

Let’s start with the most basic and yet often overlooked thing that will increase the lifecycle of your scooter drastically…… how you store it. Many scooters are […]
31st July 2017
Disabled Facilities Grants

Norfolk Stairlifts Helping with Disabled Facilities Grants

At Norfolk Stairlifts, we are always looking for ways to go that bit further for our customers. Take one of our customers, Mrs Smith, for example. […]