Disabled Facilities Grants

At Norfolk Stairlifts, we are always looking for ways to go that bit further for our customers. Take one of our customers, Mrs Smith, for example. She is an 85-year-old lady, with a hugely positive attitude for somebody with very little knee flexion.

Mrs Smith cannot get up the stairs in her house because of the lack of bending of her knees. She contacted Norfolk Stairlifts to see if they would be able to improve her situation and allow her access to the upstairs of her house once again.

The technicians at Norfolk Stairlifts paid a visit to her house to evaluate the situation. Upon arriving, they noticed a few issues right away:

  • Mrs Smith will not fit on any curved stairlift due to that lack of knee flexion and restricted space on the landing.
  • There is a radiator inconveniently placed in a box at the foot of the stairs right where the stairlift needs to park.
  • The handrail for the stairs is also directly in the way on the stairlift path.
  • How are they going to get Mrs Smith from the quarter landing to the main landing?

This may seem like many requirements for the installation of a stairlift, however, Norfolk Stairlifts are all about solutions. Each experience is a personalised one, and it was no different for Mrs Smith.

Firstly, to address the problem of the knee flexion; Norfolk Stairlifts suggested a standing stairlift. The “Brooks Sit Stand” frame was to be fitted. This would allow Mrs Smith to be able to stand up whilst riding the lift upstairs, thus allowing her to have no issues due to the knee flexion.

Secondly, the removal and replacement of the radiator. It was advised that the large boxed in radiator be removed and a new smaller radiator was to be introduced further along the wall. This would allow room for the stairlift to park safely at the bottom of the stairs.

Thirdly, the elimination of the handrail. Removing the handrail allowed the stairlift rail to fit closer to the wall, allowing space for others to continue to use the stairs with no issues whilst retaining the main bannister hand rail.

Lastly, assisting Mrs Smith from the quarter landing to the main landing. It was decided that the main flight of stairs was increased by one step, using safety flooring, to bring the staircase level with the main landing. This would allow Mrs Smith a safe sideways transfer without bending her knees.

Once the work was completed, Norfolk Stairlifts left happy in the knowledge that they had helped yet another customer and genuinely made a massive difference in her everyday life. Mrs Smith was also thrilled with her new stairlift. It enabled her to rediscover the upstairs of her house for the first time in months!

Norfolk Stairlifts operates as the main contractor for DFG situations to:

  • Assess both the property and the user to establish the most effective, safe solution to get upstairs.
  • To carry out any alterations or adaptations that are necessary for this work.

At the Norwich Stairlifts head office, we stock a large range of stairlifts that includes; straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts and reconditioned stairlifts. We are an independent company that installs stairlifts throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and the wider East Anglia. We have a wide range of customers; private customers, businesses and we also work with 7 District Councils including Breckland, Waveney, South Norfolk and West Norfolk & Kings Lynn.

For advice and assistance on choosing the right stairlift for you, your family member, or friend, please call 01953 850 004 or visit one of our showrooms located in Hingham NR9 4LF and in Beccles NR34 9TT.

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