Let’s start with the most basic and yet often overlooked thing that will increase the lifecycle of your scooter drastically…… how you store it. Many scooters are stored outside nowadays without any protection from the elements. This can cause a multitude of problems for a vehicle that is powered entirely by electricity. Switches corrode and stop working, exposed metal work rusts, wiring looms and controllers can be damaged by water ingress. Batteries (The heart of your scooter) are subjected to constant changing temperatures and humidity’s. Reducing their effectiveness and lifespan drastically. Fortunately there are some simple solutions, even if there is no possibility of giving your scooter a permanent roof over its head. I will try and cover them all here.

Mobility Scooter Cover
Throw Over Mobility Scooter Cover
Mobility scooter garage
Mobility scooter garage

Throw over scooter covers: This is the most basic form of protection for storing your mobility scooter outside. A scooter cover is inexpensive ( Typically around £35.00) and yet will make a huge difference to your scooter. Protecting it from the worst of the weather and preventing water from seeping in to all the little nooks and crannies.

Canvas scooter garage: If space is confined but you would like somewhere safe and secure to store your scooter a fold out scooter garage is a fabulous option. The canvas cover is attached to a metal frame which literally folds over the top of your scooter. It is still an economical option ( usually about £250.00) and yet provides a few really important advantages over the throw over cover: It is lockable, it will have an access panel for charging your scooter and it is much easier to use than a throw as well as being more sturdy and weather proof. This product is available form us as a special order item. Please call or email us for more information.

Lean-to: Often used in conjunction with a throwover cover. A lean to can be built cheaply by a local handyman and give your scooter a permanent shelter from the worst weather. Often it is possible to build these against a building with electricity provision.  A local electrician can then easily provide you with an outside socket to make charging even easier.

Mobility Scooter control panel cover
Splash scooter control panel cover

Wet weather protection: When you are out and about it is also important to protect your scooters delicate controls. If you get caught in a sudden downpour the control panel will require protection. A simple control panel cover is available that will fit most makes and models of scooter to do this job for you.  It is really important to remember that your scooter is an electric vehicle. It will cope with getting rained on now and again but deep puddles and forging rivers is always best avoided!

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