Just like your car, an important aspect of keeping your scooter running well for many years is keeping it regularly serviced. Servicing gives us the opportunity to prevent problems for you rather than just dealing with faults that occur. Keeping your scooter more reliable and safe. It is usual for a scooter to be serviced annually although it is always worth checking your manufacturers handbook for any special requirements that your scooter has. Very often your insurance company will also ask for proof of servicing in the event of a claim.

During a service your scooter will have all of its internal parts checked and important bits will be cleaned and lubricated. As you would expect, things can come loose running over our rough pavements and tillers, seats and chassis connections are all check and tightened back up to the correct torque.

Your motor, motor brushes and gear box is all checked for play and for wear and wheels, spindles, hubs and tyres are all check and adjusted.

Your scooter electrical system will be checked over for function and to ensure that all looms and components are in good working order.

Your batteries voltages will be checked and a working test performed to make sure they are still operating correctly. It is really important that your scooter comes in charged. If you have any concerns about your batteries an optional full performance test can be carried out on our diagnostics computer that will give a full graph read out and a specific capacity remaining figure so you know exactly how they are doing.

Your scooter will also get a spit and polish so it comes back to you looking nice.

Our pricing for servicing starts at £35.00 if your scooter is dropped off at our workshop and collected again.

If we need to collect your scooter or service it at your home address then a service is £50.00.

An optional full battery performance test will mean that we need to have your scooter for a little longer and a £10.00 charge is made for doing this.

If you have any worries about your scooter we can always be contacted either by telephone: 01502 440209

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