Narrow Stairlift Installation

When faced with this layout at the top of the stairs our surveyor knew straight away what was required!

A stairlift could not have been fitted to the stairs as shown above.  The staircase was surveyed and all measurements checked thoroughly.  We requested that the staircase was adapted to allow a much needed stairlift to be fitted.  This was a big ask for the householders with the period staircase that had been in place for many years.

Exact instructions were given and all was explained.  In came the carpet fitters to expose the staircase.

Further checks were done and the carpenter was now summoned!

The curved area was removed and the carpet fitters returned to tidy things up.

Norfolk Stairlifts Surveyor then revisited to check everything and the  Platinum Horizon Plus Stairlift was ordered for installation.

Norfolk Stairlifts can install a straight stairlift within days if required.  Our engineers need a few hours in your home and will only leave when everything is checked and training completed.  Once the engineer and the customer are happy we will accept payment.  We do not require a deposit for a straight stairlift.

With the curved area at the top of the stairs now removed on one side, there is now room for the stairlift rail to be fitted correctly to allow the customer to get up and down the stairs safely.

You can see that the stairlift power supply has neatly used the existing power socket.

The customer was happy as the top of the stairs still looked neat and tidy with the stairlift rail now sitting where the old rounded step used to be.

When surveying for a stairlift, safety is paramount.  Norfolk Stairlifts will always consider how to make the use of the stairlift and the staircase for other stair users as safe as possible.

In this example the removal of the rounded step had left a potential trip hazard for anyone trying to leave the bedroom.  This hazard was removed by installing a safety barrier in the bedroom door way.

The stairlift and staircase could now be used safely by the customer on the Platinum Stairlift and his partner walking the stairs.

The pictures below show how the customer arrives safely at the stairtop.

The Platinum Horizon Plus is fitted with a powered swivel turn, meaning that not only does the stairlift manage the stairs with ease, but it also turns (under power) to allow easier and safer seating and standing.

Norfolk Stairlifts have installed many stairlifts in and around Hingham area.

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