Brooks Stairlift

All Stairlifts need somewhere to park!

Our surveyors and engineers at Norfolk Stairlifts come across all different items that need to be moved to enable a stairlift to park safely.  Stairlifts need enough room to park so that the user can safely seat and alight without any hindrance or danger.

We come across radiators, storage heaters, book cases and telephone tables etc.  Most items can be moved without major fuss, as long as the correct tradesman carries out the work.

In this instance a lady needed a curved stairlift to be installed within 7 days so that her husband could come home from hospital.  Our surveyor visited and ascertained the best solution for the job was a Brooks 180 Curve Stairlift.  The storage heater and its power supply needed moving to enable the stairlift to park safely.

Measurements were taken and a written brief was left with the householder of exactly what was required.  Effective communication was the order of the day now.  The Brooks 180 Curve Stairlift was installed the day after the storage heater was moved and the gentleman arrived back from hospital to an installed Brooks Stairlift so that he could get to bed safely.

As you can see from the pictures with the radiator now moved the stairlift rail can hug the wall and also provides a safe space for the stairlift to park.

This installation also had a top over run onto the landing to allow for safe seating and alighting.

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