Platinum Horizon Plus straight stairlift discreetly fitted on a staircase in Norwich.


Speed and neatness were the order of the day here!


Our user was due home from hospital and wasn’t getting upstairs to bed without a stairlift.

However, the layout at the bottom of the stairs needed some thought.

The stairs protrude into the living area and in addition this is a busy walkway through to the kitchen.

We also had to ensure that a handrail was available for the other stair users in the household.


The stairs looked like this


Norfolk Stairlifts specified a powered hinged rail straight stairlift.  This hinge is automatic.  As the stairlift descends the hinged part of the rail automatically folds itself into the living room.  As the stairlift ascends the stairs the hinged rail will fold itself upright.


An installation on the right hand side of the stairs was advised as this meant that the original handrail could be retained.


In addition the hinged rail could possibly be brushed against if installed on the other side.  The right hand side offered more protection.  Our surveyor was able to inform the householders where the rail would be positioned.


This is how the rail looks once installed.  Remote controls are used to summon the stairlift and park it again after use.


Having addressed the safety and parking of the lift downstairs we now had to ensure that the rail did not become a hazard upstairs.  This was another reason the Platinum stairlift was selected, as it has one of the least rail intrusions onto a landing of any straight stairlift.

You can see how the rail is fitted at the top here.  The rail does not overhang and therefore does not present a hazard.



These pictures show the stairlift installed.  It is fitted with a powered swivel turn.  This ensures that the seat will always turn through 90 degrees so that the user sits and stands with the staircase behind them.




All in all a very neat job!

Norfolk Stairlifts have installed many stairlifts in and around Norwich in Norfolk.


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At Norfolk Stairlifts, we understand how a stairlift can literally change people’s lives.


We know this because we have installed over 3,000 stairlifts throughout Norfolk and Suffolk and have seen the difference a stairlift can make.

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