The Problem

Two issues to overcome on this unusual staircase.

Firstly, with the stairs protruding so much into the hall area, how can we keep the walkway through from living room to kitchen safe?

Secondly, we needed more width on the stairs to ensure the stairlift could be installed safely.

The Solution

An automatic powered hinged rail solves the potential trip hazard through the hallway and a pigs ear handrail that is narrower than the old handrail provides more space for safe travel.

The powered automatic hinged rail allows the stairlift to finish its journey in the hall and after the user has stood up the chair is parked and the rail automatically retracts by using one of the remote controls. It is a neat, affordable solution to overcome a safety issue.

The handrail has been swapped over to a narrow pigs ear handrail which stills offers good grip levels whilst taking up less room than the original.

Another satisfied customer and another quality installation. There is a video of this type of hinge over on our facebook page, have a look here

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