Our customer had recently purchased a new 3 storey house in Swaffham in Norfolk.  Shortly after moving in our customer had fallen in the garden and had injured his leg, which already had steel plates in it after a previous accident.




Our surveyor visited and surveyed the property whilst the gentleman was still recovering in hospital.  It is as important to assess the user as it is the staircase to ensure that a good and safe fit is achieved and that the stairlift is suitable for the user’s stature and mobility.


In this instance the user’s partner was able to provide initial measurements of the gentleman under guidance of our surveyor.


The initial figures discussed showed a clash with the gentleman’s foot when the stairlift chair turned at the stair top.  Although the staircase was wide, the gentleman had very limited knee movement as the injury was quite new.


It was agreed that a period of time would be allowed to try to increase knee flexion and therefore show a safe fit.


After a few weeks further regular measurements were taken by the partner.  Once the measurements improved to the point where our surveyor was showing a good fit a second visit was arranged so that the measurements could be checked and a quotation finalised.


Our surveyor needed to ensure that when the stairlift turned at the top of the stairs to allow the gentleman to seat and alight that there was no danger of toes catching on the opposite wall.  In addition, the gentleman needed to get a firm grip on the footrest with his good leg and at least some firm contact with his injured leg.


Our surveyor met at the house again and confirmed that the stairlift would fit correctly and safely.  The gentleman’s injury was discussed and it was agreed that a power swivel turn was required to ensure that the lift always turned him onto the landing so he could stand up in the safest manner with the staircase behind him.


It was at this point that we were asked to survey for the second staircase which ran over the top of the first and gave access to the top floor.  The staircases were identical.


We supplied and fitted two matching Brooks stairlifts giving access to the whole property.



 Norfolk Stairlifts give a two year guarantee on new stairlifts.  This guarantee offers great peace of mind to the owner as it covers callouts, parts and labour everyday of the year up till 10pm.

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