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  • Angled grab bar

    From £16.79

    A grab bar which can assist the user in rising or lowering. Particularly useful in toilet assists.


    Price shown includes VAT.

  • Atlantis Shower Stool

    From £25.49

    This Shower Stool has a moulded plastic seat with a sturdy but lightweight frame.


    Price shown at 0% VAT.

  • Bath Board 27″

    From £28.99

    This high quality Slatted Bath Board is strong, comfortable and provides easy drainage.


    Price shown at 0% VAT

  • Bathing Brush

    From £10.29

    This bathing brush will help to reach the back and legs more effectively. The soft bristles ensure that skin is cleaned without scratching.


    Price shown includes VAT

  • Bidet Bowl

    From £9.99

    The ideal solution to personal cleansing. The bidet bowl fits inside the toilet bowl converting a standard toilet to a bidet.


    Price shown includes VAT

  • Compact Commode Chair – Fixed Height

    From £52.79

    This Compact Commode chair is available in two options. The plastic commode pan is easy to remove and is covered with a detachable padded vinyl seat.

  • Days Shower Stool

    From £72.92

    The Days White Line Range has height adjustable aluminium frames with moulded plastic seats and backrests. The modern design is both lightweight and corrosion resistant.

  • Deltis Bath Seat

    From £360.00

    Complete – Heavy Duty Bathlift with 170kg (26¾st) weight limit, Blue Covers, Hand Controller, 1 Hour Country Specific Recharger, Side Flaps and 2 Side Flap Protectors.

    Price shown at 0% VAT.

  • Easi-Grip Toenail Scissors

    From £14.79

    The Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Easi-Grip Toenail Scissors are ideal for those with limited mobility, or for those who find it difficult to bend.

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