Otolift Modul-Air – again! – The adaptable stairlift – success again on a narrow, awkward staircase.

With a narrow space to sit on the stairlift downstairs we needed a solution that made life easier for the user. The Otolift Modul-Air 4000 style seat is able to turn away from the stairs to allow more room to sit as you can see in the photos below

The Installation

These stairs are narrow. The 4000 style seat allows the stairlift to travel at an angle backwards up & down the stairs to allow safe passage in this narrow space… But what to do on the landing to make it as easy as it is downstairs? The solution here was to use a special rail bend that allowed the seat to end its journey in the recess on the main landing. This kept the rail out of the way, allowed the seat to turn fully around for the lady to get off or on facing down the landing. another example of how adaptable this lift is. Contact us today (click here) to arrange a “no obligation” survey or give us a call! 01953 850004.

Additional solution content

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