Handicare Xclusive Stairlift installed in Watton, Norfolk.


There were a few minor issues to be overcome with this installation.


Norfolk Stairlifts surveyor takes time assessing the user’s needs and requirements as well as undertaking a comprehensive survey of the staircase and surrounding environment.


It was quickly apparent after discussions that the user needed a comfortable seat on the stairlift due to a degree of spinal curvature.  Our surveyor kept this in mind as the staircase survey was underway.  The user also had trouble bending his knees fully in a standard height chair, but had better movement and more comfort in a higher chair.


The Handicare Xclusive was discussed and agreed upon as the best solution.  It has more padding than most stairlifts ensuring more comfort for the user.  In addition, the height of the seat to the footrest can be increased to allow for easier seating and alighting and with knees less bent.


The Handicare stairlift from Norfolk Stairlifts was chosen with 2 optional extras that will ensure the stairlift is suitable for the longer term and also provides useful assistance.  The Xclusive was fitted with the taller seat position as well as a powered turn onto the landing and a powered footrest that operates from a button under the arm rest.  The powered turn will ensure that the seat is always turned away from the stairs when the user seats or alights.  The powered footrest allows the user to seat and alight without the footrest causing a hazard and equally saves bending to the floor to fold it up.


There were three other issues worthy of comment;


  1. The staircase has open treads. It is important that the rail cleat fixings are carefully selected to avoid protruding through the treads.

  1. The support for an old stairgate at the top of the stairs was removed to provide clearance and a neater finish.


  1. The door at the base of the stairs was a cause for more concern. Our surveyors initial sketch showed clearly that if the door was opened whilst the stairlift was descending and arriving in the hall a clash was likely.  This is not acceptable.  It was agreed that the user would arrange for the door to be rehung so that it opened away from the stairs as a long term solution.  He was happy for our engineer to remove the door (and therefore the hazard) until he was able to get the adaptation done.


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