Buy Back Option

Please Note: This is only available in Norfolk & Suffolk

Should there come a time when you, your family or friend no longer require a stairlift then please call to find out more about our buy back service.

No matter whether your stairlift has been installed by Norfolk Stairlift or another stairlift company we will happily discuss your stairlift with you and whether we would be interested in buying it and removing from your house.

We cannot guarantee to buy any stairlift as it will depend on its make, model and age. However, if it is in a good order and can be reconditioned to meet our exacting standards of resale then we may be able to help.

If you are interested in seeing whether Norfolk Stairlifts will buy back your stairlift please call us on 01953 850 004 with the make, model and date of original installation.

If you would like to discuss these plans in further detail please contact us on: 01953 850 004