After a hectic year of  Stairlift, Through floor lift and Mobility supply and service we were all ready to let our hair down a bit (those of us still with some!).


A full day out in Elveden Forest was just the ticket.


The day gave us all a chance to pause for breath, drink some tea, do some shopping and have a great day out having fun off road driving and clay pigeon shooting.


The day started with tea and cake.  Once fuelled up we broke into groups, jumped in some land rovers and headed out into the forest.  We had one on one tuition and really found out what is actually possible to do in the mud.  Everyone completed the tricky course and we all picked up some new skills.


We found out that the Elveden Estate is the 3rd largest ring fenced estate in the UK.  Also that about a third of all the onions grown in England come from here.


Pausing for a very pleasant lunch in the local inn, we moved deep into the estate for some clay pigeon shooting.


Again we had one on one tuition.  A prize was awarded to the winner with the most clays shot.  As the light faded we gently drove home having all had a good day together doing something very different.


Our “Old Retainer” Steve won the contest.

Nobody got shot or run over and it was smiles all round. 

A good day out with the team refreshed to carry on providing the best of service throughout the region.


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